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Lainey Grace Performs in Dance Recital - Monday, May 24, 2010
The entire Tribe plus Mother Goose, Granny, and Jillian turned-out for Lainey Grace's dance recital. The Forum in Rome (Georgia) was almost overflowing with proud family and friends as the dancers put on quite a show. The theme was "Off Broadway", and the show included singing and dancing from around 20 different Broadway shows.

Thursday, December 3 - Over 10,000 hits on!
Upon discovering the counter had quit functioning, daddy Richardson investigated and realized the counter was limited in the number of hits it would record. So it's official, the Richardson Tribes official site has had over 10,000 hits!

The Tribe Sighted on the Frontier! - June 06, 2009
Like last year, the Tribe opted for visiting New Echota for their Frontier Day on October 17. As before, there were lots of things to see and do. Our friend Mr. Andy showed us more of his arrowheads and other stone tools he has made. He also gave us some pointers on throwing a spear. The papooses got lots of practice as the day progressed. They shot arrows, threw spears, and threw tomahawks at a stump. This year, the Tribe had the opportunity to see the Cherokee Phoenix press work.

The Tribe Spotted at Earth Wind and Fire Concert! - June 06, 2009
Mommy and Daddy Richardson enjoyed the Earth Wind and Fire concert so much last year, they decided to take the rest of the Tribe to one this year.  The Parkers joined the Tribe in this celebration of Lainey Grace's and John Micah's 5th Birthday.

Lee Thomas's First Concert - June 04, 2009
Lee Thomas performed on his guitar for the first time this month (he actually had a piano recital when he was much younger).  His Mommy, Daddy, brothers and sister were very very proud of him.

The Tribe adopts a new Homer! - April, 2009
Well, it's been almost exactly two years since Daddy brought home Homer, our little camper.  We loved Homer a lot.  We had lots of fun camping in Homer, and in just two years, we slept in him many times.  However, the Tribe's Papooses are growing at an alarming rate, and we soon discovered that Homer wasn't growing at all.  So, Daddy was keeping his eyes peeled (figure of speech) looking for that "incredible" deal that would push the Tribe over the edge into the land of "RV indebtedness".  It was by sheer happenstance that Daddy spotted the exact motor home the Tribe had been longing for, brand new, and at an amazing price, so the papers were signed.  Now, the Tribe (an an undisclosed bank) now own Homer II.  Homer I belongs to another family now, and we hope they have as much fun as this family did.

Richardson Tribe Papooses growing Up - Winter, 2008-09
Things are happening so fast around the Tribe's crib, it's hard for Daddy to keep up. Heath lost his first tooth, and the tooth fairy left $5.00 (inflation).  Heath also turned 6 on January 28.  Lainey Grace and John Micah both learned to ride without training wheels on Sunday, February 1.  Mommy and Daddy Richardson are very proud!  

Richardson Tribe Funds Local Fair - Fall, 2008
This year, the Richardson Tribe visited the Northwest Georgia Regional Fair (formerly "Cherokee Capitol Fair"). The papooses rode lots of rides, ate cotton candy and home- made ice cream, and saw lots of friends including the Hollands and Super Dave's clan. Without a doubt, this was the best fair ever.  There were more rides (they were pretty fun and appeared relatively safe) the carneys were not as scary, and there were a billion people there (a slight exaggeration). Lee Thomas won a gold fish (after $7 worth of tries at throwing a ping pong ball into a fish bowl).  It's apparent that Mommy & Daddy had as much fun as the rest of the tribe. The last picture is a plaque on the front of the church where the Tribe parked. Read it, it's interesting.

The Tribe Adopts Willy B the Jeep - April 2008
Daddy wanted a ride that we could drop the top on and explore.  "Willy B" was named after a gorilla that lived at Zoo Atlanta for about 40 years.  It's purely coincidental that old World War II Army Jeeps were built by a company named Willys.

The Tribe at the Rock
The Richardson tribe spent Easter at Stone Mountain this year, and were joined by Super Dave, Carly Sue, Diana, and Carson.  Fun was had by all!  For more information on this PB&J Adventure, click here.

Will Disney ever be the same?
The Richardson Tribe finally cashed-in the Disney jar, combined it with the Disney tickets Santa left, and took the plunge. Now the question remains, will Disney ever be the same?  For more on the story, click here.

Santa Visits Richardson Tribe Crib
Santa Clause reportedly paid a visit to the home of the Richardson Tribe on Christmas Eve, 2007.  In addition to a large volume of toys and other goodies, Santa also left behind a lot of garbage.  Shame on you Santa!  For more on the Richardson Tribe's Christmas, click here!

PS. Another thing Santa, what's with all those wire ties? and can't you assemble at least one thing?


Richardson Tribe Goes Geocaching - November 10-11
On one of their PB&J Adventures to Fall Creek Falls State Park, the Richardson Tribe tried their hand at Geocaching, a form of treasure hunting using a GPS (global positioning system) receiver.  Daddy Richardson has been using a GPS unit for a long time to help find important things like fast food joints and rockhounding sites, but this new hobby adds a whole new dimension to traveling.  It looks like Geocaching is going to be a regular part of the Richardson Tribe's PB&J Adventures in the future.  For more on the trip to Fall Creek Falls, click here.

Heath Rides Without Traing Wheels! - October 20
On Saturday, October 20, Heath took it upon himself to ride without training wheels.  After just one attempt (on this day), he rode about 50 feet before stopping without falling.  By the end of the day, he was riding all over the place!  Needless to say, the rest of the Richardson Tribe is very proud of him.

Another Bigfoot Sighting - September 29, 2007
Incredible as it may seem, it is believed that the Richardson Tribe once again photographed Bigfoot in the wild (at Carson's Birthday party).  As It's uncanny how Big Foot can manage to blend into the surroundings, being unnoticed at the time, but showing up in photographs.  Wow.  At the party, the kids played too hard to notice Bigfoot, and the parents were so busy watching the kids have fun, they didn't notice Bigfoot.  I wonder where Bigfoot will turn up next.  I need each of you to keep your eyes open to see if you can spot Bigfoot or some other legendary creature. 

Bigfoot Sighting - September 15, 2007
As the Richardson Tribe was viewing a 300+ mile-per-hour jet powered pickup truck about to launch at an air and car show in Rome, Georgia, Bigfoot was spotted in the distance. Unfortunately, only Daddy saw him, and no one will believe his story, even with this most convincing photograph. However, it was noted that the Richardson Tribe had a very good time with Calbert and the Bishop Clan at the event (besides being a little sun and wind burned).  For more details on the day's events, click here.

Twins 1st day at school - September 4, 2007
The youngest two of the Richardson Tribe have now officially started pre-school.  Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, Mommy and Daddy Richardson took part of their morning off work and delivered the twins to their classroom and Ms. Brenda.  The event appeared to affect Mommy and Daddy more than the twins as they played hard without even noticing Mommy and Daddy had left.  When Daddy picked them up at noon, Ms. Brenda reported that they had been "sweet" and behaved well.  So the first day was a success!

Pool Raid - August 26, 2007
It was a bright and rather hot summer day in North Georgia.  The pool was clean, and the water was just right.  Then we showed up and it went downhill.  It was really a great day for everyone.  The kids played in the pool until they were about to drop. We are so glad that Emily, Luke, Calbert, and Junior were able to come over and swim with our crew. We'll do it again soon!
We also gave Emily an early Birthday present, a rock tumbler. Soon we will have the entire world polishing rocks!

Tribe captures elusive "killer" snail - August 17-19, 2007
On a recent PB&J Adventure to Fort Mountain State Park near Chatsworth Georgia, The Richardson Tribe, after giving chase for some time, captured the ever elusive killer slimy snail. After some examination, they continued on their hike around the lake.  For more on the trip to Fort Mountain, click here.

Vacation Bible school- July 16-20, 2007
The Richardson Tribe papooses participated in Vacation Bible school at the local SDA Church this summer.  It was quite a challenge to get them there because they all had swimming lessons at 5pm, and VBS started at 6pm.  What's more, Mommy was at an educational conference in St.Louis for the week, and Mother Goose was in the hospital with pneumonia (she's better now).  Whew!  The kids all had a lot of fun and made some new friends.  Also, Justin, Jenna, Dianna, and Olivia were there as well, so they all got to see each other every night.


The infamous Richardson Tribe Gang hits Ghost Town in the sky! June 25, 2007
Although it is questionable as to who got held-up, the Richardson Tribe gang raided the small mountain top town near Maggie Valley, NC this week.  For the whole story, click here.


Richardson Tribe spotted on the Riviera
- May 28, 2007
Note: Redneck Riviera. For the story and a song, click here.

Nanny's and Paw Paw's pool is open for the 2007 season! May 8, 2007
The opening of Nanny's and Paw Paw's pool is always a high-light of the season. Since the addition of the pool heater, everyone is much more eager to "jump-in" as soon as possible. On this day, Jazzy B and Aunt Brenda joined us at Nanny's and Paw Paw's for the festive event. 


April 13-14, 2007
Flat Stanley sighted
with Richardson Tribe on PB&J Adventure.  See More!
Word has it that Flat Stanley was seen traveling through North Georgia with the Richardson Tribe on April 13 and 14, 2007.  The group visited Amicalola Falls State Park near Dawsonville, Georgia where they spent the night at the park's campground.  Stanley seemed a little nervous around the campfire, but he enjoyed sleeping in Homer, the Richardson Tribe's motor home (camper). 

On Saturday, April 14, Stanley had quite a big day!  After viewing the highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi river, he visited the old mining town of Dahlonega. Stanley seemed to be bored stiff at the Dahlonega Gold Museum, but the hardy lunch at the Smith House perked him up.  Mrs. Richardson said "We tried to fatten Stanley up a little, he seems so thin."  Stanley said "I never knew chicken could be so good." 

After a good hand-washing, it was off to the Consolidated Gold Mining Company for a mine tour and some gem grubbing (looking for pretty rocks).  Stanley found a whole bag of rocks like Jasper, Tiger Eye, and Agate.  The mine was cold and damp, but the Richardson Tribe kept Stanley warm and dry.  Stanley saw a bat up close.  He didn't touch the bat because the tour guide said that "if the bat bites you, you have to get a lot of shots".  Stanley HATES shots!  After the mine visit, Stanley was a little tired and grumpy, so he took a long nap on the way back to the Richardson Tribe's house.


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