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February 14-18, 2008: Disney World
Mommy has been wanting to take the Tribe to Disney for a long time.  Lee Thomas had been, but he really couldn't remember it (Daddy remembers waiting for an eternity for Dumbo, the ride, not the actual Dumbo).  We had some of our friends join us at various times throughout the trip.  Super Dave's clan camped next to us at Tropical Palms RV Resortt.  We spent very little time together at the camp (we mostly slept there), but we spent much of Friday the 15th with them at Animal Kingdom.   The evening of our first day was spent celebrating Lee Thomas' 8th birthday at the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom.  We were there from opening till after the park closed.  That would pretty much set our pace for the next two days. 

Saturday was spent at the Magic Kingdom, starting with the girls (Lainey Mommy, Diana, & Carly Sue) eating breakfast at Cinderella's castle.  Lainey and Diana got kissed on the cheek by Snow White, and they wore the lipstick all day.  We also met-up with the Hollands and shared a little time with them.  After the 9:00 fireworks, we headed for the ferry back to Homer (our camper), and a soft bed.

Sunday's itinerary included Epcot Center.  We met-up with the Hollands for the day.  We were a little slow getting things going, but we ended-up having a blast.  The final ride for the day was GM's Test Drive which is very much like riding in a race car.  The twins were barely tall enough to ride, so it was a real trill for them.  We ended-up in "England" to watch the fireworks at the end of the evening.  It was once again very late before we got back to our campsite.

With regards to Tropical Palms RV Resort, it seems very nice for the most part.  However, Our site just happened to be horrible(although we had reservations for months).  It was adjacent to a construction site and a carnival that ran (loudly) till 11-12pm.  The site had no cable, we had to borrow water from the neighbor, there was a large hole that I kept stepping in at the back of the camper, and I had to buy additional water hose to reach the spigot.  It was almost impossible to hook-up all the connections simultaneously. To their credit, the manager refunded us $52 of the $72 nightly fee.  It wasn't voluntary, I had to protest quite strongly (but kindly).  Ultimately, she (the manager) did the right thing.  They're forgiven.

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