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This is Lee Thomas' third year in Cub Scouts which means he's working on his Bear Cub badge.  He is enjoying the time spent with the other boys in his group and Daddy.  He'll be updating this page as his den meets and progresses through their ranks. 

Note: Unfortunately, we're not able to attend all of the meetings and events.  So, to all the other Scouts in LT's den, sorry if we don't have pictures of all the events you attended.

Bear Cub Events and Activities (2008-2009 School Year)
September 19 thru 21
- Cub Scout Camping Trip - Fort Mountain State Park - Chatsworth, Georgia

On this outing, the boys learned about bike maintenance and safety.  On Saturday, after getting good and muddy playing in the creek, they learned how to take care of their bikes by doing things like lubricating the chain and keeping them out of the weather.  They learned the various hand signals for turning left, right, and stopping.  They then took a nice little 2.5 mile hike through the rugged wilderness area.  They saw lots of native plant life, including a mushroom the size of a softball.  That evening, several of the scouts went fishing, and ended-up at the playground until well after dark.  Although Heath is still a year off from being eligible for the Cub Scouts, he is hanging in there with the big boys and their activities.  Lee Thomas and all the other boys seemed to have a lot of fun, and got some good exercise in the meantime.



Wolf Cub Events and Activities (2007-2008 School Year)

September 24, 2007
Well, it's time to get cranked up with the Scouts again.   The first den meeting was held at the usual clubhouse location and the boys were very excited about seeing each other.  Ms. Brandy taught them all about the Pledge of Allegiance.  Learning who wrote it and why it was written was real interesting.   They also learned the appropriate way to handle and fold the flag, and how to respectfully destroy one when it is old and tattered.

Saturday, October 6, 2007, Lee Thomas' Cub Scout den visited The Home depot for a special morning.  The den (plus Heath) each got to build a Fire Engine/Crayon Holder, see the inside of a fire engine and ambulance, and meet Smokey Bear.  It's amazing that Smokey hasn't aged at all from when I was a kid.


Monday, October 22, 2007, the den met at the club house to work on another goal to get their Wolf badges.  Tonight's meeting concentrated on home safety, and what to do in case of an emergency, and how to handle answering the door and phone. 

Monday, March 24, 2008
The boys had two work meetings and about a month prior to this night to prepare the cars for the races.  On race night, final preparations were being made, last minute weights added, sponsors decals carefully placed, extra graphite powder on the finely polished axles, practice runs, and finally, THE BIG RACE.  Well, series of races actually.  Elimination heats rrowed the field until there was one big winner!  HEATH! He's not even in the Den!  OK, Dawson was the winner of the den members.  Lee Thomas followed in second place.  Luke and Cal finished third and fourth, but all the boys were winners.  I'm pretty certain that, if we had a do over, and all the boys could make slight modifications, everyone's cars would perform even better.

May 30 thru June 1 - Den  outing followed by camping with parents.
This was our first outing away from home since we started scouting.  First, let me insert a legal disclaimer here:  Technically this was not a Scout camping trip. We had a Scout "day outing" at Fort Mountain State Park, after which, the boys and their parents camped. Had we camped as Scouts, we apparently would have been breaking the rules since none of us has been properly "trained" to camp with our children. That said, I think the boys, their parents, and their siblings had a great time. 

With the news that the bears were active and had been spotted in the campground, we were very careful not to leave any food, garbage, pets, or small children unattended for long. First, the kids went swimming at fort Mountain's beach for quite a long time.  After supper, we took a walk around the lake in the dark. We heard lots of frogs, but I think we scared most of the other wild animals away with our own wild "Bear Cub" sounds.

On Saturday morning,  the crew visited Ms. Ruby the naturalist in the park's "Naturalist Area" where we all panned for gold and grubbed for Gems.  In our opinion, Ms. Ruby is one of the greatest assets Fort Mountain has. She always has something happening to entertain the kids (and grownups).  After short ceremony for the kids and lunch at the campsite, we all did our own thing.  Some fished, some went swimming, and some went back to look for more gold.  Some of the group had to leave Saturday afternoon, but the Tribe, Pamba, Parker Jon, Calbert, Tanner, Ms. Brandy, and Adam hung around for Saturday night.  Adam and Ms. Brandy made us a delicious dinner of chicken (of which Daddy ate too much). 

Tiger Cub Events and Activities (2006-2007 School Year)

On Saturday, April 21, 2007, Lee Thomas' Cub Scout den visited WRCB channel 3 television studios in Chattanooga Tennessee.  Lee Thomas' cousin Emily works there and arranged (and conducted) the tour of the facility.  They met some of the people that work behind the cameras and controls as well as a couple people that work in front of the camera.  They especially want to thank weatherman Brian Travers for all the time he spent showing how the weather map works.  That certainly seemed to be the high point of the day.  By the way, the picture of Emily is just a few years old.  Sorry Em, I couldn't resist.  I love you!

Learning the Cub Scout handshake, salute, and sign.

Cub Scout Handshake

Cub Scout Salute
(with Heath as a visitor)

Cub Scout Sign

Lee Thomas' Cub Scout den's float in the Christmas Parade.  It won 1st place!

Lee Thomas' Cub Scout den visits one of Gordon County's fire stations.

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