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Daddy's Annual Shoprite Golf Tournament - September 23, 2008
Daddy gets invited to this golf tournament because of his keen knowledge and command of the game.  Actually, Paw Paw's brother, Uncle Zuma started Shoprite supermarkets a long time ago, and now Cousin Mike and Cousin Todd are there, and Paw Paw is on the board of directors, so I guess they feel obligated. 

As far as the game?  Once again, Daddy, Uncle Mark R., Uncle David, and Uncle Mark S. played too well to win the third flight.  It's Uncle Mark's fault this year-- he sunk that long putt that got us a birdie on the last hole.  If' he'd missed, we'd have won some money in the third flight.  Pathetic huh?  Daddy really looks forward to playing this tournament every year.  It's the only time he gets to spend this kind of time with his brothers and Mark Slater.  This year it was at the Lafayette golf Course instead of Wingate near Ringgold, where Aint Donna lives.

The last picture is of a helicopter medi-vac that landed on the road in front of us on the way home.  There was apparently a wreck or a medical emergency (or both), but we couldn't see.  Thanks to GPS, we found an alternative route (Unlcle Mark rode with Uncle David in the Magnum)

Lainey's Ballet Dance Class - 1st day- September 10, 2008

Swimming Lessons - June 2008
All the Tribe kids joined Cal for lessons at the Holland's house.  Ms. Scarlet made some great progress with them all.

T-Ball - 2008
Lainey Grace, John Micah, and Heath are on the Braves team this season.  Eat your heart out Tom Glavin!  Here are some shots of practice.


First T-Ball game - May 6, 2008

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