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Ashley is the Gray female cat.  She is very loyal and stays around the house all the time.  She loves catching moles and offering them as gifts on our doorstep.  She hates Cookie, our dog, and takes every opportunity to slap her.  Ashley was rescued from the animal shelter and her tail is naturally bobbed, but it's a little deformed.

Coal is our black male cat.  He is very playful, but he drools when you pet him.  I mean he DROOLS!  He was also an inmate at the local animal shelter, shared a cell with Ashley.  Mother Goose (Rebecca's mom) felt sorry for him and brought him home after we got Ashley.  His tail was bobbed artificially before we got him.  He's a wanderer, disappearing for days at a time, but he always comes home.

Cinders is our new cat (August 2009). He was supposed to be a kitten, but he was about 7 months old when we got him. It took Ashley a little while to accept him, but they're getting along just fine now. It had been just a few months since we lost Cookie, and we were certainly in no hurry to get another puppy.  However the vet said she had rescued a German Wirehaired Pointer from the animal shelter.  I went to see her, and brought her home.  We named her Roxy in honor of our new found love for rock hounding. 
NOTE: We gave Roxie away in mid 2009. She was terrorizing our cats.

Ashley in 2009

Coal in 2009

Cookie was our German Short Haired Pointer.  She very active and loved to jump and chew on everything we own.  She died from an unknown poisoning on Wednesday, April 18, 2007.  We loved her and will miss her very much.

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