Current Scores
  Lee Thomas - 19
  Lainey Grace - 19
  John Micah - 19
  Diana - 15
  Emily - 15
  Heath - 9
  Hunter - 6
  Calbert - 4


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What is the Legendary Creatures game?
If you're a new member of the PB&J Club, you might not know about the Legendary Creatures Game we play here at the Richardson Tribe.  When the Richardson Tribe goes on PB&J Adventures, we sometimes accidentally photograph Legendary Creatures.  A Legendary Creature may be real or pretend, they may look like a cartoon or a scary monster (see bottom of page for samples).  Members of the PB&J Club report the creatures they find hidden in our pictures, and get points for doing so.

Why do we do it?
Why not.  It gives us an excuse to look at pictures that bring back great memories from our many adventures.

What if I find a Legendary Creature?
If you find a "Legendary Creature" somewhere in our adventures, go to the Tribe's Home Page and click "REPORT A LEGENDARY CREATURE".  Answer the questions on the form, and we'll keep track of who has found what creature.  We'll post the names and scores right here on this page.  You can visit this page any time to see who else is playing and what creatures they have found.

The first Legendary Creatures for the year 2008 can be found in our March 20-23 PB&J Adventure.


Legendary Creature Examples

                Jackalope                                   Leprechaun                           Bigfoot                            Elvis (young)          Easter Bunny


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