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March 20-23, 2008: Stone Mountain, GA
It's Easter at Stone Mountain again!  This year, Super Dave and his crew joined us for the long weekend.  Traffic was pretty clear Thursday afternoon as we breezed around the Atlanta bypass to the huge granite blob.  Thursday night was spent in an interim site until our reserved site was vacated Friday morning.  Had I been assigned this site (#411), I might have left.  Super Dave's reservation's were made at a later notice, and their site was horrible.  Three sides dropped-off with barely enough room for their fifth-wheel.  It was not a safe site for kids. 

Friday, March 21 - We visited the park, played miniature golf, rode the train, rode the gondola to the top of the mountain, saw (experienced) a 4D movie, and ended the day with steaks and an outdoor movie at our new campsite.  Cars was the movie of the evening.

Saturday, march 22 - We visited the park again.  We started by riding the ducks, then a walk around the plantation.  The late afternoon and early evening was filled with bike and scooter riding and fishing.  After dark, the kids watched several episodes of "Land of the Lost" at our private outdoor theater.

Sunday, March 23 - The Easter Bunny apparently broke in to the camper overnight and left four baskets with some Peeps and candy-filled Easter eggs (some with money).  Later, we searched for eggs all around our lakeside campsite.  After we broke camp, we took a little detour so we could swing by Zoo Atlanta to wish the animals a happy Easter.  We ate at one of Daddy's favorite restaurants, Papasito's for an early supper, then headed home. 

With regards to Stone Mountain Campground: If you asked me at different times this weekend how I felt about Stone Mountain, the answer might have been incredibly varied.  On one hand, we loved our site.  On the other hand, we we somewhat knew the campground and carefully selected the site (and made reservations 2-months in advance).  The campground is huge, but the inner roads are in disrepair and level sites are almost non existent.  The park is cool, but not everything was running, including the water taxi (one of the primary reasons I selected the camp site).  From our site, the view was wonderful, from others, it might not be so great. 

Note to self: When unpacking from a long camping trip,  always check under the dinette seats for dirty laundry bags" and hidden vegetables.  They tend to ripen with age. 

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