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The Legend of Homer Deever lives on...
The Tribe acquired a small "class c" motor home in early 2007.  We like to name our stuff, and we named the camper Homer, (Motor Homer).  It's a relatively conservative 24.5 foot Gulf Stream Independence.  It is small, but we like the closeness.  We have tried to go camping as often as possible since we got it.  Homer's also small enough to use for general traveling when you're not camping.  We're driving it to Florida this year because there are seven of us plus luggage and everything else you can imagine.  Having access to the bathroom and the kitchen alone will save us enough to pay the difference in gas.

We have a goal of someday upgrading to a larger RV, one with a bed for everyone (bunks), and a bit more living area.  All we have to do is pick the correct lottery number just once.

NOTE: Actually the RV's name is inspired by Homer Deever, a person I once met briefly many years ago. I really didn't know him, but I loved his name.  We sometimes use Homer Deever when putting our names down at a restaurant or making reservations.  We love to hear them call the name out over the PA.  No one else gets it, but we're all over in the corner giggling about it.  Perhaps some people look at us and think, "that poor man, who would name his child Homer Deever".

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