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April 9-13, 2008: FDR State Park and Pine Mountain, GA
Spring Break!  This one was special because we had a great PB&J Adventure planned, and Pamba, parker John, and Calbert were to join us, staying in the pop-up camper the recently purchased for such things.  On this trip to central/West Georgia, we rode (and rode and rode) bikes around Callaway Gardens where the Azaleas and Dogwoods were in full bloom.  We camped at FD Roosevelt State Park where we fished, rode bikes (and rode and rode and rode), and watched movies at our private outdoor theater (a sheet and projector).  We once again visited the Wild Animal Safari, but our camera didn't work for that.  The park's walk through zoo has expanded and it's great!  You can see animals there that you won't see elsewhere.  Mother Goose and Ain't 'Net joined us for a couple of days too.  I think they really enjoyed the animal park, the Little White House,  Callaway Gardens, the Little White House, our outdoor movies, and not camping.  They stayed at a hotel!

Note: You will find 5 Legendary Creatures in this adventure.

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